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What is M Performance - More about M Performance parts

M Performance

Have you ever wondered what M Performance Parts really are and why they are so often mentioned in the context of the BMW brand?

In this article, we will try to bring you closer to the recently increasingly popular "M Performance parts and accessories". We will explain what they really are, what they are for, and who and in what circumstances can use them. The article is addressed to people unfamiliar with the subject of BMW M Performance parts, but we will also try to explore the topic, which may interest many BMW fans.

The BMW brand has been associated with motorsport for years - not always in a positive sense of the word, because probably each of us at least once in our lives came across a howling BMW E36 spinning tops in the parking lot under various chain grocery stores. Despite this, you certainly also know the iconic M3 series, which, regardless of generation, moved the entire automotive market, and to this day, some of them, e.g. M3 E30, are only loved by fans of automotive classics, and their price increases every year.
For decades, we have been able to watch the struggle of various models and generations of BMW in many racing series, which has only shaped the character of the brand even more.

The strong connection between BMW cars and motorsport, created over the years, has gathered a huge number of motorsport fans around the manufacturer. This translated into an obvious desire to retrofit and tune cars so that they were as close as possible to their track counterparts. The manufacturer himself decided to meet these expectations and decided to create a series of dedicated parts that were supposed to bring standard road cars as close as possible to their track counterparts, and that's how "M Performance" was created.

Initially, the manufacturer offered only a few visual parts for the most powerful engine versions from the "M" division, but later, due to the great interest, Bavarian engineers decided to go a step further. The visual parts of BMW have evolved over the years and adapted to the needs of the market, until today the well-known M Performance was created.

From our own experience, we noticed (which is not strange at all, because the names are really similar) that owners of BMW cars have a very big problem in distinguishing the factory M Package from the visual M Performance parts.

M Package and M Performance

The main difference between these two very similar visual packages is the moment of retrofitting. When configuring our dream BMW at the dealership, we have the option of choosing the M Visual Package (commonly referred to as the M Package), which makes the car retrofitted with other - more sporty - bumpers, side skirts, etc.

In contrast, the M Performance Visual Package can only be purchased and fitted after the car has been picked up from the showroom. This is a fully original solution that can be implemented at any BMW dealership, but it is available and possible to implement only after the car is taken from production.

IMPORTANT: M Visual Package (M Package), does not exclude the M Performance Visual Package! On the contrary, in order to fit M Performance parts, the car MUST (in most cases) be equipped with the M Package beforehand.

We know it's a little confusing and confusing, but we hope you're starting to understand.

What cars are M Performance Parts suitable for?

We often come across the statement "for my SUV, there will probably be no visual parts". Are you sure?

The manufacturer has been expanding its horizons with each generation, thanks to which EVERY BMW car of the latest generation can be retrofitted with M Performance visual parts. Whether it's Series 1, 2, 5 or X6, you can pamper your car and give it a decidedly sporty character.

"Yeah, maybe the M Performance parts will fit the X6 M50i or the X6M Competition, but they won't fit my engine version." - Once again, the producer exceeded our expectations. M Performance parts fit EVERY engine version.

But what about previous generations? As for the latest generation "G", and the previous generation "F", as we mentioned, each model has a full range of M Performance visual parts prepared and you can easily retrofit your BMW with them.

The matter is a bit more complicated in the case of the "E" generation, where only some models have the option of retrofitting with M Performance visual accessories - are you curious if there will be visual parts for your BMW? Contact us and we will be happy to inform you about availability and prepare a personalized quote.

Exactly what parts does BMW M Performance offer?

It has been assumed that M Performance parts are only visual parts - we often make this mistake ourselves in a hurry. Of course, M Performance is mainly visual parts outside and inside the vehicle. However, we must not forget that the manufacturer also offers a large number of parts that improve the driving experience under the M Performance banner. As the name suggests, Performance - i.e. performance, so there could be no shortage of parts that improve the performance of our car.

Often, depending on the model, various solutions are available, which means that not every BMW model has the option of retrofitting, e.g. with side skirts or a standing streamlined spoiler. Below we present the visual parts of M Performance using the BMW M5 F90 as an example.

Do you want to find out what parts fit your car? Contact us and receive detailed information and a quote for parts.

External visual parts:

- M Performance aileron - in three variants (two carbon variants, and one made of the highest quality ABS)

- M Performance wrap - red and blue stripes visible in the picture

- Carbon M Performance mirror covers

- M Performance carbon grill

- M Performance carbon splitter

- Carbon M Performance side gills

- M Performance door sill strips - in two variants (the first one is fully made of carbon, and the second one is made of ABS in black)

- M Performance carbon diffuser

- M Performance 20" rims - in many visual variants


Visual parts of the interior:

- M Performance PRO Alcantara steering wheel

- M Performance carbon steering wheel cover - in two variants

- M Performance carbon shift paddles - in two variants (the first standard variant visible in the picture, and the second variant of sport paddles - definitely longer and more aggressive)

- Carbon M Performance gear knob cover

- M Performance velor floor mats

- Door lock pins with M Performance logo

- Carbon M Performance engine cover

Car Performance Parts:

- M Performance suspension - M Performance suspension for an even more dynamic driving experience

- M Performance brake pads - Retrofitting to improve braking

- Retrofitting with a carbon-ceramic braking system - Definitely maximum braking quality and phenomenal heat dissipation


It is no secret that the price increases with the quality, but with the higher price we get the manufacturer's warranty, certainty of fit, the highest quality of workmanship and materials.

The prices of M Performance parts may vary depending on the car model and material. Of course, parts made of hand-made carbon (carbon fiber) will be more expensive than parts made of ABS, but that's why in many cases the manufacturer gives us a choice.

You can find the price list of M Performance parts on our website or after sending us an individual inquiry.


M Performance Parts are more than just a "spoiler" or "second helping". These are original parts offered by the manufacturer, which are in line with the character of the brand and allow us maximum individuality.

Often our customers wonder if the aileron will fit the limousine, which is the BMW 5 series? The car is elegant and the aileron can be too brutal.
Others will say that the decidedly aggressive aileron will fit phenomenally into the line of the car.

The best part is that both of these people are right! How we perceive our car and what we would like to do with it is an individual matter, which is why the manufacturer gives us 3 variants, each of which is intended to reach a completely different group of recipients.

The PRO carbon aileron is designed to make our car look as if it had just left the Nordschleife, and the M Performance carbon aileron adds a subtle, elegant flavor.

Do you have more questions or are you not sure what accessories will fit your car? Contact us and receive an answer to any questions and a free quote.

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