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Realization of the BMW M5 F90 M Performance

BMW M5 F90

Let's start with a short introduction explaining why this project deserves special attention. Currently, the latest generation of the iconic BMW M5 has gained a lot of loyal fans since its premiere, but why be surprised?

The vehicle meets the assumptions of the 5 series - it is safe to say that it is comfortable, exclusive and phenomenally suitable for long journeys, as well as for taking children to kindergarten. Still, it just as well, if not better, meets the expectations of cars marked with the letter "M"! Definitely more aggressive than the 5 series - the "M-five" knocks down with amazing parameters and performance, and its phenomenal sound gives goosebumps to all automotive enthusiasts.

Realization M Performance

In the introduction, we mentioned the much more aggressive look of the M5 than the one we know from the 5 series. The "M" version has been equipped with completely new bumpers, and at the rear, instead of two exhaust tips, there are 4 round tips separated from each other by a massive diffuser.

For many owners of the M5 F90, however, this is not enough, and the manufacturer himself came out against their expectations with a range of original M Performance visual accessories!

The M5 presented today has been retrofitted with a virtually complete, external M Performance carbon visual package - at the request of the owner, only the carbon fiber mirror covers have been omitted.

Retrofitting with the M Performance visual package

The first step of the implementation was to get rid of the chrome grill and side gills and replace them with black M Performance parts, which was intended to subtly take away the exclusivity of the car in favor of emphasizing its sporty shapes.

M Performance carbon PRO aileron

Definitely the most aggressive and challenging of all four variants of the ailerons available for the BMW M5 F90 is aimed at those who want their M-5 to take on decisive, sharp, sporty shapes. The other variants of the ailerons are designed to find a compromise between the sporty and luxurious and elegant character of the car. The PRO shuttlecock, unlike other variants, provides an uncompromisingly sporty look!

M Performance carbon door sill finishers

Extremely interesting retrofitting, aimed at optically widening and lowering the car. Entirely made of hand-made carbon fiber, the door sill strips blend phenomenally with the other visual additions made of carbon. Cutting off the sill line and extending it beyond the outline of the car definitely distinguishes the car and adds individuality to it.

M Performance carbon diffuser

Another very interesting addition was the change of the standard Gloss Black diffuser with three subtle "ribs" to a massive M Performance carbon diffuser, which is characterized by strong, sharp shapes and creates a phenomenally uniform whole in combination with the carbon PRO aileron.

M Performance carbon splitter

The last, but certainly not the least important element of the implementation was the retrofitting of the M Performance carbon splitter. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not provide the classic splitter known from the 5 series, or even the M5 F90 LCI for the pre-LCI version. In return, owners of the pre-facelift version have the option of retrofitting their M5 with two carbon front bumper covers located on the left and right side, which are to imitate a splitter. In our opinion, this is a very interesting solution that fulfills its assumption of emphasizing the lower part of the front bumper, but above all, in no way reduces the functionality of the car in everyday conditions.


The F90 generation is a great example of why we value M Performance parts so much. The car leaves the factory meeting the expectations set for the M5 - a luxurious, elegant car with a sporty character - and it is only up to its owner how he would like the car to be perceived in the end.

Today's implementation was definitely aimed at adding aggression to the M-five and emphasizing its sporty character. We used elements that are characterized by the sharpest shapes, as well as elements that optically widened and lowered the car.

In our opinion, the final effect looks great and perfectly meets its assumptions. What do you think about this realization?

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