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Realization BMW M5 F90 LCI M Performance

Realization BMW M5 F90 LCI

Recently, hits among M Performance accessories have become very subtle and sophisticated implementations, aimed at emphasizing the aggressiveness of the car and adding individuality to it.

The greatest advantage of M Performance visual parts, apart from the quality of workmanship, is undoubtedly the ability to personalize the final effect to the needs of the car owner.

Retrofitting with visual accessories, i.e. the well-known "visual tuning", is very often associated with equipping the car with a huge spoiler, lowering the car to such an extent that a leaf lying on the road can tear off the bumper, or with widenings, and applying body kits. Of course, such retrofitting is also implemented and often looks great, but this stereotype discourages the visual tuning of BMW owners who would like to subtly distinguish their cars.

A great example of this type of implementation is our latest retrofitting made on the BMW M5 F90 Competition LCI.
Coming out of the factory M5 has changed bumpers, four expressive exhaust tips, and visible "M5" emblems around the car, but is considered by many to be "too polite". In this case, following the recommendations of the car owner, we decided to focus on a subtle distinction, and to emphasize the sporty character - which the M-five undoubtedly has!

M Performance carbon diffuser

The first of the two implementation steps involved retrofitting the car with an M Performance carbon diffuser. A much more aggressive diffuser made entirely of carbon fiber fits perfectly with the carbon roof and other M Performance accessories, thus creating a uniform whole. In addition, the diffuser has more, definitely more massive "ribs" and a recess at the top, which are designed to add aggression and optically lower the rear of the car.
Due to the idea of ​​subtle retrofitting, the car has not been equipped with any of the more aggressive ailerons, which in our opinion looks very interesting. This combination emphasizes the sporty character of the car, but at the same time allows you to maintain the class and elegance that befits a family limousine.

Carbon M Performance mirror covers


Another, equally interesting element of the implementation was retrofitting the M-five with mirror covers, which, like the diffuser, were entirely made of hand-made carbon fiber. This element of retrofitting was intended to add another carbon element that phenomenally completes the whole. A diffuser that gives a carbon accent to the rear of the car, a roof that is visible at a glance, and mirror covers that are visible from both the side of the car and the front. Carbon fiber, which is very much associated with motor sports, perfectly emphasizes the sporty character of the vehicle, and thanks to subtle additions that do not interfere with the body of the car, it retains its sporty elegance.

Implementation summary

Although we are fans of aggressive, sports implementations, recently we have been meeting more and more often with the desire to subtly emphasize the lines of the car and we really find that such projects look just as good!

Cars that are not crammed with sports accessories make a very interesting impression in traffic. Namely, they are not conspicuous from a distance, dripping with splendour, but as soon as such a car emerges from a distance, you can immediately see that it is a sports car and something in it - although it is not always known what - catches our attention, and yet there is no huge spoiler on the hatch, and the splitter does not rub against the ground.

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