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Realization of the BMW M3 G80

Realization of the BMW M3 G80

A new, very interesting project was made on the BMW M3 G80. The M3, which definitely attracts a lot of interest, has a very wide range of M Performance accessories, and we are able to configure some of them even at the factory!

By selecting the option of an external carbon package in the configuration, we get a diffuser, mirror covers, aileron, and air intakes in the front bumper made entirely of carbon fiber. However, are we able to do something when we buy a car that does not have the option of external carbon additives, and we really care about them?

Not difficult for one who wants it!
Of course, the manufacturer foresaw this course of events and prepared an offer of M Performance extras covering the entire M Performance carbon factory package, as well as some extras that we are only able to install after receiving the car.

The M3 G80 described in today's entry has just undergone complete retrofitting with the basic M Performance carbon package.

The first and also the biggest retrofitting element is of course the M Performance carbon diffuser. It differs from the standard Gloss Black diffuser not only in the material used, but also in the size and number of vertical "ribs" visible between the exhaust tips. The diffuser, thanks to its more aggressive disposition, perfectly fits into the aggressive line of the car.

Next in line was the M Performance carbon shuttlecock. From the standard Gloss Black dart found in the M3 G80 version, it differs only (or as much as) and only in the material of manufacture. The aileron, which perfectly complements the entire carbon package, refers to motorsports with its material, which perfectly describes the character of the latest M3 G80.

The M Performance carbon mirror covers are one of the most visible elements of the package. They stand out phenomenally in terms of color from the rest of the body, but at the same time they create a coherent whole with the other carbon elements.

The last element, the least visible, but definitely a treat for motorsport enthusiasts, are the covers of the air intakes in the front bumper made entirely of carbon.

In our opinion, the whole looks much more sporty, which fits perfectly with the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe BMW M3. Combined with the extremely distinctive color of Sao Paulo Yellow, it will be very hard to go unnoticed, and this is just the beginning! The next step will be to equip the car with the additional M Performance carbon package.

What do you think about this realization?

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