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The start of the M2 Competition M Performance project!

Start of the BMW M2 M Performance project!

The BMW M2 F87 Competition has recently become exceptionally often retrofitted with M Performance visual accessories. Often it is simply a subtle underlining of the sporty character of the car by retrofitting with an M Performance aileron or splitter. But this time it's completely different!

The unique implementation, to which we have a great pleasure to contribute, is to add a definite sporty character to the M-two, and now we can say that the final version will look as if it had just left the Nordschleife or another race track!

BMW M2 F87 Competition

The F87 generation had its premiere in 2015, then the basic version of the BMW M2 appeared in the catalog. Exactly three years later, in 2018, a more high-performance version of the M-two saw the light of day, under the name M2 Competition. From the very beginning, this version was very strongly associated with racing tracks, and thanks to its amazing performance, but also the unique feelings and sensations it gives with each harder press of the gas, it has become the object of adoration of virtually every motoring fan!

The Bavarian manufacturer, preparing such a highly sporty car, could not do without preparing a unique offer of accessories that even further improve the appearance of the car, but above all its performance!

It is on such additions, improving the performance, but also the visual aspects of the car, that we focused on the latest implementation!

All the parts mentioned below are original BMW M Performance accessories - we warn you in advance, because it may be a surprise for many!

M Performance retrofit list

Below we have prepared a complete list of parts that will soon be retrofitted to the M-two!

M Performance carbon tailgate ( 41622460278)

Incredibly light, the tailgate is entirely made of handcrafted carbon fiber and has a much more aggressive shape than a standard tailgate. Thanks to its weight, it definitely relieves the rear of the car, which translates into better driving characteristics. The M Performance tailgate has a "ducktail", which fits phenomenally in combination with the M Performance carbon spoiler. In addition, the hatch has a template that allows you to make the original BMW M Performance paintwork shown in the first photo. In the second and third photo, we have prepared a photo of the separated part before varnishing, because in our opinion it looks amazing!

Visualization of retrofitting

Photo of the separated part before assembly

Photo of the separated part before assembly

Carbon CS mask (51718082720)

Another, maybe not very typical, but how effective element of retrofitting is the bonnet, also entirely made of hand-made carbon fiber, but it is not an M Performance element. This is the original mask that comes as standard in the M2 CS version.
It differs from the M Performance carbon bonnet (which of course is available for the BMW M2 F87 and M2 Competition) mainly due to the air intakes. The M Performance mask does not have inlets, but it has a bulge in the middle known from the M3 F80 and M4 F82, which looks great, but in this case it was the M2 CS mask, which seems to be slightly more aggressive thanks to the air intakes . Of course, as in the case of the trunk lid, very light carbon makes the bonnet definitely relieve the front axle and in combination with the trunk lid maintains balance, which allows you to increase the performance of the car.
In the first photo, for comparison, there is a standard carbon M Performance mask (not used in retrofitting), while in the second one we present an illustrative visualization of the implementation using the CS carbon mask. The last photos visualize the separated part before retrofitting. As a standard, the mask is primed and prepared for painting from the outside at the factory.

M Performance carbon mask - not used in retrofitting

Carbon CS mask

Photo of the separated part before assembly

M Performance carbon roof

The next and last retrofitting at this stage will be the M Performance roof, which, like the other elements, is also entirely made of hand-made carbon fibre. It differs from the standard roof only in material and weight. All three elements - hood, roof and trunk lid - are recommended by the manufacturer to be replaced at the same time, because in combination they provide optimal relief of the car so that it will not reach its maximum performance parameters, because just relieving the front or rear axle could cause an increase in, or oversteer.

M Performance carbon roof illustrative visualization of retrofitting

M Performance carbon roof photo of the separated part

Carbon M Performance engine cover

The last but no less interesting addition prepared for retrofitting the BMW M2 Competition is the carbon M Performance engine cover. It is, of course, lighter than the standard engine cover, but in this case its tasks are purely aesthetic. After opening the engine cover, the combination of a sheet of pure carbon located on the inside of the hood and the engine cover will be stunning!

Carbon M Performance engine cover visualization

M Performance carbon engine cover photo of the separated part


We can't wait for the final effect of the retrofitting, which promises to be spectacular, and the relief will definitely improve the performance and driving sensations!

You, too, can give your BMW an incredibly sporty character, and the range of M Performance accessories is prepared even for the most demanding!

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